Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan


Made it to Africa with very little problems. Hope was a good girl and friendly with everyone. We met up with one of our leaders and two other AMT (advanced mission training) teammates. We’re now on our way to Mozambique by bus.

This trip is full of first times:

  • It was mine and Hope’s first time on a plane.
  • First time on subway shuttle thingy in the airport.
  • First time to Africa.
  • First time to take a baby to an another country.
  • First time on a tour bus, even though it’s more like a big van.
  • It’s also my first mission trip, which is a big stepping stone for me.

I’m doing new things that I am not familiar with, and we haven’t even started classes yet. I’m glad to have Reece with me through all of this, because I’d be lost otherwise.

We left home knowing we’d have to face different than we were used to. It was our plan to leave our comfort zone, in order to grow and change the world for better. Our lives are not about us, because we gave them to Jesus, and He’s our boss.

Although things are confusing and understanding the natives is hard, I find I’ve got Peace. There is no need to fear and I trust Jesus is watching over us. The chaos can’t stop the power of God’s presence wherever we go. So the craziness can actually be fun, when you don’t worry.

Here’s my challenge for you all. Go outside your comfort zone, and trust that Jesus is with you and is making something marvelous out of your sacrifice.

Love you all And I’m praying for you too

Love Harmony*

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