Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Follow Love

Two letters written in one day, and actually I just finished the last one when I wanted to continue to write to all of you. Plus we’re on a long bus ride with not much else to do in the dark while others are sleeping.

I’ve been thinking about how missed I am, and I haven’t even been gone 3 days yet. While we were preparing to go, so many of you told me how you’d miss us. I started responding with, “don’t miss me too much, otherwise I won’t go.” Yes I understand we will be missed, but don’t let us be your focus all the time.

Don’t be sad because we’re away, that’s not doing you good. I don’t want to ruin your lives or make them any sadder. We could’ve just not gone if it was going to be that bad for you all.

Be happy for us and know we’re coming back soon. It won’t be too long before we see each other again, and you’ve got your own tasks from God to do. Live your life to the full, Love those around you because they need it, and Have Fun by taking God with you in All you do.

A song I recommend this time is one I’ve held, waiting for the day when I’d leave home. It’s called “follow Love” by FFH. Yes I will miss you too; you guys are my home. But I have to follow Love, which to me means follow the God who is Love.

We Love you all

And know it will be Joyous time when we gather together again



Song recommendation