Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Hot Sauce & Chopsticks

We’re all settled in, and we made it to Africa and Mozambique with no problems. It was a long journey, especially for Hope, but she did good. I played with her, keeping her entertained with her many toys and any game we could make up. By the end she was pretty done with playing with me and just wanted to roam around which she couldn’t.

It’s great so far here, we’re spoiled with a bathroom and refrigerator in our room. It’s quite warm, but we’ll get used to it. There is sand everywhere you walk so it’s fun going barefoot.

We have made friends too. Beau (pronounced Boe) and Courtney are great, and their two kids are fun. Roma is one month younger than Hope, and close to learning to walk. She and Hope get along, and will be good friends. There’s is also Brandon, he met up with us at the airport, and rode with us on the bus, so we have spent most time with him. He’s great, and knows everything, or at least it seems that way when I know nothing about living here.

We all get along, and nobody thinks I’m crazy yet. Beau even thought it was cool I brought my own chop sticks. Reece has his Dave’s insanity hot sauce, which got some attention at our first dinner together. We also stated off our AMT with a birthday in the group, so we got dessert day one on the base. We just have to now get used to that not being the normal thing.

What can I say that matters? God is good and things have worked out perfectly so far. We expect good things to keep on coming.

I know I’ve been writing a lot recently, but don’t get to used to it. I won’t be able to write so often once things get busy and I’ll probably be shorter on things to say. We’ll see what happens, just know that there’s nothing wrong if I don’t write every day.

We still Love you, but it’s super cool to be here. We’re in expectation of God leading our family in meaningful ways.



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