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Something to Say

We are out on an expedition, and camping at the village for this week. It’s quite different than I thought it would be, and I’ve heard a lot of stories that didn’t fully prepared me for all that goes on on the mission field.

The camping part is easy, and I’m very good at surviving on no electricity and out in the wilderness. I don’t mind going to the bathroom in a walled in hole in the ground. It’s not bad having to take sponge baths, or cooking on a campfire.

Now evangelizing to strangers in a different language is where I am inexperienced. It’s important to not worry about what to say, and to simply let God’s spirit speak through us. Translators aren’t hard to deal with, and makes preaching more patient with every thing you say.

We walk around till we find someone who agrees to listen to us talk with them. That’s actually quite easy since most everyone here wants to hear from us. Now when I was given the expedition run through, I thought that when they would invite us into their home, I actually thought they meant house. Come to find out, we are invited to come sit on their land under a tree for shade.

Than we start teaching them about Jesus, which goes on for around 2 hours. We usually cover a lot, answer their questions, and pray for whatever they ask us to. It feels like a long time only because in America that would not work. We like quick short messages that are easy to understand. These people are hungry and believe what you tell them. We pull up passages from the bible, and they listen.

We often pray for them at the end, once they’ve connected with us and found out we care. They share with us their pains or life struggles, and we pray for them. We saw many healed, and everyone’s spirit lifted.

In the next newsletter I hope to go into more detail on our trip to Legogo. But for now I’m going to have to cut short. God’s doing things here, and I believe He’s also doing with you all.

We send our Love and encourage you not to worry for us because we are safe in the Father’s hands.



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