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Lack of Excitement

We went on an expedition to Legogo on March 16th to the 21st with Beau and Brandon as our leaders. We got there and the place was not made ready for us, because the villagers doubted we would actually come. For the first day, we were with out a long drop to go to the bathroom, and we had to set up camp on an uncleared spot. Since this was my first ever expedition, everything was new and I didn’t know things were supposed to be easier.

I have heard many many stories of what happens on the mission field, but still there were many things that took me by surprise. I came to learn that when we were told “invited into their home,” that did not mean we’d be inside a house. Came to find out what would happen is we’d come to a place, and our translator would ask the people if we could come share a message with them. We would than gather under one of their trees and share about Jesus with them. Also when we preached, it would take at least an hour, most times around two hours to share with them everything that was felt needed. I struggled with that, because I personally don’t like it when preachers go on and on. But people in the villages compare the amount of time you’re willing to share, with how much you care. In America you have to be short and to the point so to not lose your listeners. That was a big difference I found, and if was a hard thing for me to adjust to.

As my first expedition, I easily described it as good, whenever I was asked how it went. What I don’t want to tell anyone is about my lack of excitement. You have to understand, this was supposed to be a big moment in my life. I’ve waited since I was 10 years old to go on a mission trip, and my family members have gone on so many trips. I saw the others on my team fired up, while I wasn’t that way. This made me question if there was something wrong with me.

Here’s the biggest thing that I learned. Even though this was my first expedition, it was like I’d been there before. Many of the things we did were the same that we did back at my home, such as praying for people, and speaking the Truth. It didn’t matter whether I was half way across the world or back where I grew up, there’s people to Love upon and Jesus is there. Anther reason it wasn’t all new to me was because I had shared in the delight of others going before me. It didn’t make much of a difference if it was them or me, we all celebrate together. I guess I thought I’d be more excited for God to use me, as if that’s was something to make my identity greater. We know that’s not good that works with Jesus. I did not become anything more from me laying hands on someone or by being the one to preach to them. I was not filled with excitement to be personally reaching these people, but I was excited for each person we came across. Each one was special and Loved by God, and I could see it when I looked at them.

The thing that really matters about our expedition, is how was the Gospel received? We can focus on our struggles or confusions, but in the end we are there to tell people about Jesus. So how did that go? We went around to several people’s homes, and even talked with others along the road. There were many who kinda knew about Jesus, but they didn’t quite realize the power they each have in being a follower of Him. We did a lot of encouraging and praying for healing, which both things were well received. We saw many healings instantly happen, and we know that the others will be healed one day as well. God was with us, and we saw lives changed because of Him.

For Jesus be the glory

In all that we do