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All About Hope

Before we came to Africa, there was the question if we were taking our one year old with us. So I wanted to talk about what it’s like for Hope over here.

She’s made friends with everyone

Roma the little girl around her she has taught her new sounds to say. Hope like to wave hi at people and get them to wave back. She also points at them and they point back, she than giggles when their pointed finger touches hers.

She also has made friends with one of the night guards named Aleshandre. He speaks mostly Portuguese, but I picked up on some things. He calls her his friend every time we visit, and he always says she’s beautiful. She likes him but doesn’t want to be held by him in fear he’ll take her away from her mommy.

She gets to stay in class with me for right now, which I prefer and have a better time focusing with her, than when she’s with one of the lady babysitters. She was mad at them for a while because they took her away from me. She has been spoiled getting to be with her mommy or close family every minute of her life. Her mommy has been spoiled too, and doesn’t know what to do without having a baby take care of.

Hope has been a real good eater here, which I wasn’t sure how she’d do. She before had been pickier about food, because she got to fill up on milk, but I stopped nursing her right before we came to Africa. Since than she’s eaten pretty much anything, even cereal and bread. Her favorite is bananas, and she even stole a banana from the kitchen. She broke the package, and walked off with one in triumph trying to eat through the peel to open it herself. We also have a mini-refrigerator that we keep snacks for her in. We make Popsicles for her made out of frozen yogurt and that’s her special treat each day.

She loves to go swimming, so you always have to be watching her because she’ll head straight for the pool. Her friends Elly and Caleb go swimming and then she even more so demands to be in with them. She giggles and splashes, but also just stands there waiting for one of the kids to point fingers with her.

Hope likes it here, just as much as she did at home. It’s nice that she’s flexible to go wherever her parents go. She would still love to see all of you guys I bet, and that day will come soon enough.



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