Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Being Stuck In Our Room

Reece & Hope

Reece had a fever one night, and the next day they took him to the hospital to test for malaria. He was just fine, but we had to make it 24 hours without any of us having a fever before we’d be freed from our room.

Days past with us quarantined to our room. When Reece was all better, we were very close to having no fevers, and we would have gotten to go free the next morning, had I not gotten a fever that night. Another 24 hours, and again the next night I had a fever. I had an earache, that was why I was getting a bit of a fever, nothing really big was wrong with me.

Anyway being stuck in our room wasn’t too bad, just Hope needed constant attention. She missed the others and would try to find them whenever she was let out side onto our deck. She become attached to our refrigerator, knowing there was yummy things to eat in it. I spent a lot of time playing whatever with her to keep her happy all trapped in.

On Friday which was day 5 of us being quarantined, I was taken to the hospital, and it was confirmed I did not have malaria. I was prescribed an ear drops and that did help. The nice thing was that I was declared not contagious, so that night we were released to return to the real world. No more meals delivered to our rooms, and we could help in the cleaning up.

Classes that week were prerecorded, so it was easy to listen in our room while locked in. The guys did also have shop class of making a shelving unit, and without us there to help, it was a lot on just two guys. We were allowed Saturday to help finish up, which Reece did all the helping. I did extra cleanup since that was easier with a baby to do.

I don’t know what’s the point of writing all this. I wanted to let you all in on our experience, and just let you know. What was interesting to us is realizing lots of the world is being quarantined to their house, so we related to that. It was a time to draw closer and spend time together, which was nice. I would have enjoyed the free time more if the earache didn’t make writing difficult. Now that I’m all better, it’s easier to focus and write again.

Through it all, God remained good. He is our healer and provider. As I was continuously feverish, and the reason we were stuck, I had to draw on God for a positive attitude. I found a song top be helpful with that. It was Hands Of The Healer by a singer named Nate Marialke. I have him on my phone because my mom like him, and I hadn’t taken time to listen to him before Africa. He has got some great worship that is not popular but very good.

So any way, I Love you all still, but you know that. I just want to remind you all again, just like how God constantly reminds me of His Love.



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