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Sucker Punched

Our room here in Mozambique is positioned perfectly. When I walk out my door before I go to bed at night, I take a couple steps and I can see the moon shining upon the Indian ocean. We often have clear nights here, so its just the bright light of the moon as it rises into the inky black sky. There are few, if any stars between the moon and the very defined horizon line. The inky black meets the sea. The sea is alive under the light of the moon. On windy nights it is a shimmering cascade of ever-changing reflections. On still nights it is a calm, peaceful, constant reflection of the moon’s light. I believe it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen with my own eyes.

The very moment I realized this truth, I was struck by another, greater truth. I was witnessing the most beautiful sight the Lord had ever put before my eyes yet I knew, without a doubt, that there was something more beautiful. I knew it even more than I know that the ground I walk upon will hold my weight. I knew it even more surely than I know my own name. It is a truth more present and assured than my very heartbeat.

It is this: The face of Jesus is more beautiful than that which I am seeing now.

I was stunned. Jaw open. Mind reeling. I asked, “God, How?” How do I know this? This is not belief in something I haven’t seen. This is not a hope for something I’m not sure exists. This is faith stronger than anything I’ve ever known. How? How can I be more sure of His beauty than I am of my own reflection in a mirror? I racked my brain. How had I come up with this thought? Did I know any scriptures that would cause me to think this? I came up empty. This was not at all inspired by any individual passage of Scripture I had read. Just out of nowhere. I was sucker-punched by the realization of His beauty. I had not come to this conclusion by any earthly means.

I sat there on a bench for a while, in tears, quietly singing along to whatever worship music I had put on to soothe my frazzled brain. I was shocked, floored. I was dumbfounded. Then, the light bulb moment.The head slap. The “Duh, you dummy!”

Of course I knew how beautiful He is! How could I not? I have spent so much more time in prayer. Real prayer. Not “God, well, um, it would be really nice if things worked out today and we all got along and nobody got hurt today. Oh! Also, could you maybe work on World Peace a little bit? Thank you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.” No! None of that silly nonsense! That’s the behavior of a child asking a stranger for change to buy a candy bar. Zero confidence, no relationship, no knowledge of who you’re speaking to.

As a new creation in Christ Jesus, we come to Him with the utmost confidence. The love and joy of a child running into the absolute love of his Father’s arms. The reverence, attentiveness and focus of a priest ministering to the Most High God. The delight, love, and passion of a bride falling into her groom’s arms.

I know, without a doubt, that there is not a view or vista you could set before me, there is no creature or person, NOTHING that is more beautiful than He is. How do I know this? I know it because I spend time with Him. Real time. Time focused on Him. Not on any of the distractions in this world. I’m not saying we shouldn’t ever ask for anything, but what could I really ask for? He has given me everything I need, always.Just declare the truth of who He is and what He has done and is doing.

Side note: pray in tongues. Not publicly proclaiming in tongues, that’s different. I’m not telling you to do that right now. I’m not kidding though, pray in a tongue that is unknown to your mind as the Holy Spirit gives you utterance. If you don’t believe you can do that, I don’t care. I know it’s possible,because the Bible says so and you’re missing out. Once you realize that your small collection of words cannot do justice to His glory, ask Him to give you words to say. It’s kind of like going from speaking baby words, to speaking a real language. I spent a long time completely unwilling to even want this gift. I was afraid I’d sound stupid. Now I know I was stupid.

This only drives me deeper into desire to spend time with Him. If my small amount of time spent with Him can lead to jaw-dropping revelations of faith, I cannot imagine what more time with Him will bring.

Delight in the beauty of the Lord


Reece Morgan