Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Bush Cooking for the Fellowship

Bush Cooking week was a long one
We had our day filled with classes
than we had to bush cooking for supper
I’m glad we did it
But also is nice to be done

So we had bush cooking
And I am not a fan of cooking
It was great fun
as long as I wasn’t trying to cook
The time we got to spend together
was what made it the best
We cooked up a large fish
And a freshly prepared chicken
which a fellow teammate got to kill

The last night of bush cooking
We cooked around a campfire
and the guys camped outside
Hope and I hung out with the team
But at bed time slept indoors
We had great fellowship
And we grew to be better friends
We look after each other
We share in the work
We also chat on our breaks

This is just some of our adventures
That we’ve had in Mozambique
We’ve been learning new things
But most importantly
we’ve been growing in our friendships
Since there are only two other students
here with us for AMT
We get a lot of time together
And really help each other out

Through all life’s adventures
We’re to be growing in our relationships
Those around us are there for a reason
And we need to see that God Loves them