Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Packing Changes

After being here 2ish months
There’s some things I would change
when it comes to deciding what to bring
And what I actually would pack

Things I should have brought

  • Family pictures to show our new friends what the people I talk about look like

  • American candies to share with everyone, such as Swedish fish and jelly beans because they are treasured here and they wouldn’t have taken up much room

  • More Ziploc bags, because they break and get used for whatever

  • More pens, both colored and black

  • More things to entertain Hope because she gets bored sometimes

  • A babysitter, but not really. I got a native sitter for some of the time, but I’d rather watch Hope myself. It would have been cool to have brought a sister, and Hope would have liked that better, but it’s just not practical.

Things I wished I hadn’t of packed

  • Warm clothes, because it doesn’t gets cool enough here to need sleeves or pants

  • Shoes, because I and Hope don’t wear them, all I would have needed were my flip flops for shopping and hot sand, and the plane ride here

Things we brought and I’m very grateful that we did, and why

  • Duck tape for everything

  • Rubber bands as a baby toy but also I use them for everything

  • Salt and pepper shakers, because they were little plastic Tupperware containers that we use to make frozen yogurt treats for Hope

  • Sewing kit, which we use to get slivers out. Also lent it to someone so they could sew a button back on, and a single needle was used to find the direction of north in a navigation lesson

  • Cloth diapers, makes having a baby in a different country cheaper and more delightful in my opinion

  • Shampoo, commonly used to get stains out of Hope’s Clothes

We had a lot of decisions to make
When if came to packing
I found packing for Hope
took up a lot of our space
And we had to only pack necessities

The cool thing about God is
He makes what we brought be enough
And we aren’t suffering without
All that we packed works out
And though we can imagine changes
The truth of the matter is
God blessed our packing
We have what we need
And aren’t missing anything
that we can’t get here if needed be

God is good
In bible times He provided manna
And that fed everyone just right
Nobody had too little or too much
This is how works
Whatever we have it’s just right
when God is blessing it
So we can relax in Him
Knowing it’s all going to be okay
This is for more than just packing
Everything we do can be God Blessed
Because God Loves us
He fed 5000 men with 5 loaves
and 2 small fish
He’s powerful enough to take
what each of us have to give
And He makes it be the right amount
Lacking nothing and having plenty

The world likes to tells us
we should have done things differently
It says we don’t have enough
God like to use what we have
And He is all we really need
What good is it to own the whole world
if you don’t have Jesus?
When you have Jesus
what more can the world give
that you need?

Let me tell you
Jesus is enough
He’s what each of us need in our lives
And He’ll take care of all other needs
Believing this will cast out fear
Because there is comfort in knowing
your Heavenly Father is with you
providing you with all the right things

Love from Mozambique
And Love from God in Heaven
We haven’t forgotten about you
Even though I am away from you
I trust God to be with you


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