Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

What I've Missed

Last night we had burritos
And I realized how much I’ve missed
eating tortilla shells
I used to eat them everyday
With leftovers or whatever inside them
But that’s not the only thing I’ve missed

I’ve missed my pets
our dog Sarge and Milo our cat
I’ve missed having pizza
and the dipping it in yogurt
I’ve missed going to work
because I enjoyed my bosses
I’ve missed my notebooks
since I couldn’t take them all with me
I’ve missed the hills at my parents
where I have spent so much time
just hanging out with God
I’ve missed being up to date
on new music from my favorite bands
I’ve missed my phone that has
a working camera
I’ve missed the cold weather
I’ve missed having a bathtub
I’ve missed my NIV Bible with my marking
I’ve missed collecting pennies
I’ve missed organizing crazy messes

But of course most of all
I’ve missed the people back home

I’ve missed being with my family
I’ve missed talking to my grampa
and every morning having breakfast with him
I’ve missed playing Barbie’s with my sisters and younger brothers
I’ve missed listening to music with Bonnie
I’ve missed watching shows with Gracie
Or watching Netflix with Andrew
I’ve missed playing Freecol with Willie
I’ve missed talking about our superheros with Bonnie Willie Gracie Faith and Andrew
I’ve missed organizing with Faith
I’ve missed cleaning with Bonnie
I’ve missed helping my mom
and cleaning to bless her
and make her smile
I’ve missed taking my siblings shopping
so they can help me pick out groceries
but also so I can spoil them
I’ve missed listening to Tommy
I’ve missed Hopper’s excitement
and his crazy enthusiasm
I’ve missed church with my family

I’ve missed going to Daniel’s house
and just hanging out with him and Miranda
we’d watch movies, eat good food, play board games or Nintendo, and have fun teasing around and talking

I’ve missed going over to my in-laws
and seeing all of them
I would go to their house, and it was a place I could call one of my homes. They Loved me as part of their family, and we bonded just like we always were a family.
I’ve missed My sister in-law Ellyse
for she is somebody special. She is talented and so tenderhearted, that I’m thrilled to get to do things with her. She is good with Hope, and likes to hear stories about what Hope’s learning and how she’s growing up. I’ve missed Ellyse and it’s enjoyable to do anything with her.

I’ve missed more than just my family
I’ve missed my friends too

I’ve missed Amber and her family
She and I liked being together. No matter what we had to do, we had a good time. We worked together and helped another with house chores. We would go grocery shopping together, which was nice because kids can be difficult in a store alone. Our kids would play together, while we talked about life, our challenges and what God was teaching us. I’ve missed her heart for me, and she truly showed me God’s Love.
I’ve missed getting our families together for games, and

I’ve missed Holly
and going over to her house
We used to get together about once a week before I was married, and we had so many adventures. We also had bible studies and discussions which helped me by having somebody believe in my Faith. Here at AMT we learn about discipleship, and she is to thank for a lot of my living out my faith.

I’ve missed many people
And I’m sorry if anyone feels left out
because I didn’t mention your name
My encouragement to everyone
is that you do some reflecting
on what is special in your life
You don’t have to go away
and live in another country
in order to realize what you’d miss
God’s Blessed us all with so much
that we should easily be thankful for

I want you also to know
That I don’t regret coming to Africa
Though there are things I miss
And people I can’t wait to see again
I am content because of God
I am able to go without what I miss
Because Living for Jesus is worth it

From me and my family here
We send you our Love and Joy


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