Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan


The Great Commission:
Go into all the world
Preaching the Gospel to all creations
Making disciples of every nation

Whether we go to far off countries
Or stay living in our home town
Each of us is called to Go!
To go tell the world about Jesus
And what He’s done for us and them
Go Love somebody
by telling them the truth in Love
Because they are Loved by God
Just as much as He Loves you
Once we know His heart for the world
How can we forget that He told us to Go

I like songs

They stir up passions within me
And get me thinking and motivated
There are many song out there
that are all about how we’re called to Go
Here’s a small list of my favorites
If you are similar me and like songs
I hope these speak to you
And fill you with strength

Anthem Lights

  • Fight Forever
  • Outta My Mind

Sidewalk Prophets

  • Save My Life

Love And The Outcome

  • Ends Of The Earth

Audio Adrenaline

  • Hand and Feet


  • If You Say Go

Britt Nicole

  • Ready Or Not
  • The Lost Get Found
  • Walk On Water
  • Set The World On Fire

Finding Favour

  • On The Water

John Waller

  • Crazy Faith


  • Til The Day I Die
  • This Is Not A Test


  • Good Fight

Josh Wilson

  • Say Yes

Building 429

  • Go
  • Earth Shaker
  • Bonfire


  • Cross The Line

Group 1 Crew

  • Let’s Go

Jasmine Murray

  • Fearless

Matthew West

  • The Center
  • The Motions

Casting Crowns

  • If We Are The Body
  • Here I Go Again
  • Until The Whole World Hears
  • Love Them Like Jesus

Steven Curtis Chapman

  • The Great Adventure
  • For The Sake Of The Call
  • What Now
  • See The Glory


  • Legendary
  • Lions
  • Terrify The Dark
  • Feel Invincible

Don’t feal like you have to
listen to them all
Because I got carried away
I put many suggestions down
They are listed there
So that you can see what bands I like
And maybe in glancing over then
you see a song you think you’d like
Or find one you already know
but forgot about
If not that’s okay too
I created this list so that I can have it
And listen to them on my way home
I don’t mind if it’s realized
that I am crazy when it comes to music
It was excited to share songs with you
Because it’s what I enjoy doing

Thankyou all for listening
And don’t be to distracted
by the many songs I suggested

Harmony* (the music lover)