Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Life after AMT in Mozambique

We finished classes
And graduated AMT
So much has changed now
While some things did not

The obvious change is no more classes
That means no sitting down for hours
listening to teachers all day long
No more homework or having to read
I’m glad school is over
It was all good stuff
just took up so much time each day
And got long by the end of it all

We used to have morning devotionals
Early in the morning before breakfast
Usually lead by a staff member
They had so many good messages
That I’m not complaining we had them
It’s just nice to have that time now
to have my own personal devotional
I really struggled to find time before
With everything else that I had to do

We used to have set work schedule
Were we were either on dinner prep
Or dishes and meal clean ups
Thing is it didn’t matter
which two of us were on cleanup
Because we all pitched in anyway
Now that we graduated
There’s a sign up for work things
And so the staff now helps out
But we still all help with cleanup
It’s just nice I’m not required to
do dinner prep every night
for two weeks straight

We get full time Wi-Fi
Before it was 2 hours
at a set time at night
Every other day
I found it difficult to get on it
Because Hope was crazy before bed
Or usually I was tired by than
And many times it was hard to connect
It’s really nice now
Being able to use it whenever I can
And it’s easier to get a hold of people
When my internet is more flexible

What I am happy about
Is I get to have Hope all day long
And not have a babysitter
It was good for Hope to get used to
somebody else watching her
And she’s going to be babysat more
as she grows up in her life
But I enjoy taking care of her while I can
For she’s so much fun and adorable
So I’ll be thankful for these moments
Even though it’s harder to do things
when she’s wanting so much

The first week after graduation
Some of the guys took a trip to the city
to pick up a car that they had tried to sell
Reece went with as an adventure
And to spend more time with the others
While he was gone I took care of Hope
And moved some bricks with Richard
We could have waited and just rested
But it was good work and we had fun
I liked the change from the class setting
into a working labor job each day

First week after graduating AMT
was rather relaxing for me
Even with the full time watching Hope
the moving of bricks,
the washing of clothes and diapers
the continued work on cleanup
And keeping our room clean with a baby
who loves to throw everything around
These things are easy and fun for me
And I am not so rushed as before

I like having time to
to write in my notebooks and to God
and emails, newsletters, and papers
I feal now that I can listen to music
There’s time to hangout or talk to friends
I didn’t realize till after
everythings slowed down
how hard it was to have time to think
We did a lot of learning
And my brain was always thinking
But I had unfinished thoughts
That I had set aside
till I could really think about them

Advanced Mission Training was great
And it pushed me to be flexible
with crowed schedules
For 3 months it was intense
and almost overwhelming with a baby
But I’m glad we did it

Life likes to test what we can handle
And what we place our value in
No matter what ends up happening
whether good or not so good
We should be found at the feet of Jesus
He’s the bestest comforter and teacher

If you want something be worth it
Give it to God
Whether that be working
or watching a movie
or listening to music
or going overseas to do AMT
Take it before God
and see what He has to say about it
He’s an expert at finding good in things

So AMT is over
And we all are waiting for
when we’ll be coming home
During this time
let us not forget the reason for it all
I came all the way to Mozambique
With my husband and my daughter
Not so that everything would be
easy and relaxing
But because I longer to find out
what vision God would have for our lives

There’s something that’s very important
And I want us all to remember
The cost of following Jesus
is Never to much
He is Always worth it;
Whatever we sacrifice
in order to follow Him
will be better in the end

That’s why through all of AMT
With all its time struggles
And the months of separation
from family and friends
I can still be grateful
God was here with us
Making our sacrifice with it

We Love you all
And want you to always know
God Loves you too


Song recommendation

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