Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan


For our graduation ceremony
The staff to us on a boat ride
We road on a pontoon with two floors
And it had a place where we could Braai

As we sailed the ocean
We saw thousands of starfish
There were also many sea urchins
Some flamingoes and crabs
While snorkeling we even saw lion fish
It was mine and Reece’s first time
ever using a snorkeling
And it was very cool

We parked on an island
Where Hope got to go swimming
And she went around picking up starfish
We even collected some shells
Which I thought was kinda silly before

Than for dinner we had a big meal
It was our special graduation dinner
They used the Braai to cook the meat
We ate while the sun set on the ocean

It was a very nice experience
And I see why people go scuba diving
The ocean is so cool

I had only been to the ocean in Florida
Where the beaches are crowded
And the wild life is not easy to find
Where the shells have all been picked through or are badly broken
So I had never really experienced
Many of the wonders of the ocean
which God filled with such beauty
and so much creativity

It was a good time on the boat
And we shared it with all our new friends
They are even more so gifts from God
He created them with even more beauty
that the ocean isn’t able to top

I don’t know if you all
have been to an ocean
Or if you’ve ever experienced it’s wild life
It doesn’t really matter all that much
Because in the end what really changes
The ocean is great
But it’s not as wonderful as people are

You have Loved ones the cherish
They’re worth more than the ocean
Don’t forget what matters
Because things of this world fade away
And beauty can only do so much

God gave us all people we can befriend
I know trusting someone can be tough
But if we don’t let them inside our hearts
How will we truely understand
the beauty and worth
God made them to be?

If I had never gone to the ocean
How would I have seen its full beauty
Is the same with friends
We have got to know
what true friend are like
Than we’ll be thankful for them
And not need to go far
to see God’s handy work

This newsletter was different
But hopefully you got something out of it
If not, at least know this thing
I’m grateful for you
And id rather spend my days with you
Than the wonders of this works
Because I agree people are what matter

God made you special
Remember you are beautiful
And I Love you very much