Harmony</br>& Reece Morgan

& Reece Morgan

Finished our Training

We finished our Advanced Missions Training!!
After 3 months of crowded schedules
With all the homework and class time
We finally graduated the course

The question that we had to decide
Was what was out next step
Were we going to return to our home
And stay living in the states
Or were we going to join Overland
And move to another country?
Either way we’d never be the same
Life at AMT has taught us things
that we’ll keep for the rest of our lives

I said it was up to us to decide
And that’s basically true
We asked God for His plan
And He is the one we follow
Whatever He says goes
So whether He told us to go or stay
He would be the definite decider

Now Jesus didn’t speak a word to us
On what path we should take
Which it’s pretty nice when He does
Though we didn’t get a direct command
on what we should or shouldn’t do
We were filled with a longing
to go into the world
to tell the lost about Jesus

Going through our training for AMT
We got a taste of what it would be like
to live on the mission field
We’d have to go up to people
and talk to them about Jesus
We’d have to fundraise
We’d have to write to people back home
We’d stay in tents at times
We’d have to do some bush cooking
We’d have to fix our car ourselves lots of times
We’d be far away from family and friends
We’d have to go without lots of stuff
such as we couldn’t have lots of clothes
Or many toys, notebooks, possessions
There’s only so much one can pack
When going to another country

It takes sacrifice
In order to become a missionary
But God Blesses the willingness
to follow Him no matter the cost
Overland is full of these types of people
who want to share the Good news with the world

Reece and I are continuing on with Overland
We’ll be going to Zambia to live
and we get to reach out to the rural areas
to places other mission organizations won’t go to
We may not have gotten a loud calling from God
but His passion is within us
That’s why we are willing to sacrifice all we have
the comforts of home and the familiarities there
and the often of seeing our Loved ones
We know His Love for His people
and His heart is crying out for them
Who will go tell them He Loves them?
We will!!!!

Before we leave for Africa to live
we’ll be back for a while raising funds
Don’t feel that you’ve lost us forever
and know we’ll stay in touch and visit still
This is something to reJoice about
For we are following Jesus as He’s called us to
There’s nothing we could do that’s greater

We Love you
Stay strong in His Love


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