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A Journey of Thousands Miles Begins


News From Where We’re Going

Chipepo is a remote chiefdom in southern Africa. They never see snow, and nature-watching involves hippos splashing in the lake next door. It is a land of trees for living rooms, open spaces and open hearts. Here dwells people ready to learn, hungry for discipleship.

Although they are remote, they are not forgotten for God knows each one of them. He gave Overland Missions’ a vision to reach the people there, and their first pioneers in Chipepo were the Krenz’s in 2015. They established the organization’s base and summoned others to join in the ministry there. The Bloedorns answered the call and have since stepped into the position as directors. They too beckon others to join them in spreading the knowledge of God throughout the country of Zambia.

Recently some short-term missionaries traveled to Chipepo. The team there had wanted to take them to a local village to evangelize. However, a big sports game was scheduled, and they predicted few would be around to hear the Gospel. Fortunately, the soccer game was canceled due to the newly established covid protocols. And they got to go door to door spreading the Good News.

But the stage is set in that land for some long term missionaries to join the battle against the spiritual darkness that torments them. The base is already making physical preparations for future team members to come join the fight. God has called, and His warriors move forward, waiting for the curtain to rise.

News from Where We’ve Been

Looking back, we remember the excitement and determination that accompanied our commitment to join Overland Missions in the fight for the Kingdom of God. We have chosen to be His warriors and are preparing for the battle in Chipepo and the surrounding areas. And this waiting time is not wasted. We are learning valuable disciplines and stepping out of our comfort zone to pursue something eternal.

We look forward to joining the Chipepo team. We’ve had a few zoom calls with the directors and two other couples, and afterwards we are filled with great joy, realizing we get to work alongside such an amazing team. This blessed hope drives us onward.

We’ve begun building up our team of financial partners, those who want to be a part of sending us into the world. We’ve only had a few appointments thus far, but each one has been such a Blessing. In every meeting, we share our vision, and have been blown away by the outcomes. We recognize that it’s not because of our own greatness that people are being motivated to give, but rather an understanding that God is going to use their generosity for His Glory. We’re humbled to simply be serving Him and partaking in His mission.


The Morgan Family

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